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Scriptures are cited from the King James (Authorized) Version, unless stated otherwise.

“Man doth not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD.”

Deuteronomy 8: 3; Matthew 4: 4

Appetitiveness is love for food and drink. Since in the wide sense love for drink is included in love for food, we will consider both under love for food.

Appetitiveness works along two lines: (1) love for natural food; and (2) love for spiritual food. By natural food, we mean physical food, which consists of the elements of the earth, organized usually into the products of plant and animal life. By spiritual food, we mean mental, moral and religious food, which consists in forms of thought laid hold upon by the heart, mind and will for their nourishment.

Generally speaking, natural food can be divided into seven kinds: (1) proteins; (2) fats; (3) sugars; (4) starches; (5) water; (6) minerals; and (7) vitamins. Spiritual food in the Bible also contain seven lines of thought: (1) doctrines; (2) precepts; (3) promises; (4) exhortations; (5) prophecies; (6) histories; and (7) types.

The Necessity for both Kinds of Food

(1.) The first reason why we should partake of both kinds of food is for the replacement of wastes. There is a constant wasting of cells by them being burned up by energetic action, inaction, or by natural decay; such wastes must be replaced by new cells which we derive from our food through the process of digestion and assimilation. Similarly, there is a consuming of energies and powers in our new hearts, minds and wills by zealous study, spread and practice of the Truth and endurance of evil, by inaction setting in when the new heart, mind and will is lacking in zealous activities, or by natural decay of such energies and powers, through the weakness of the flesh.

(2.) To supply cells for the building up of our bodies; from such food, new cells are supplied for growth. Likewise, our new hearts, minds and wills derive spiritual elements for growth in grace, knowledge and service from our spiritual food.

(3.) To supply cell deficiencies, a major cause of physical disease. Similarly, there are deficiencies of the new heart, mind and will in knowledge, grace and service, productive of spiritual diseases which cannot be cured unless such deficiencies are supplied, but which can be cured by partaking of the lacking spiritual elements.

(4.) To store up supplies for future needs. This is evident from experience regarding both the natural and spiritual soldier, boxer, wrestler, traveler, racer, hard worker, etc.

(5.) To prevent natural and spiritual disease, the pertinent kinds of food are necessary.

(6.) Natural and spiritual health and strength are respectively furthered by natural and spiritual food.

(7.) Natural and spiritual life are respectively preserved by natural and spiritual food.  

The Functions of both Kinds of Food

(1.) The function of proteins is to build up muscle and thus furnish strength to the body. Corresponding to natural proteins in the spiritual realm is true doctrine, which builds up spiritual muscle, and thus imparts strength to the new heart, mind and will.

(2.) Fats furnish lubrication to every part of the body. Corresponding to this are the symbolic fats, the precepts of the Word, which are all summed up in the word love – both duty and disinterested, unselfish love – which make our character graces function smoothly.

(3.) Sugars give the body energy; and in the spiritual realm, the promises of the Bible, which give hope, give energy to the new heart, mind and will.

(4.) Starches impart warmth to the body; accordingly, the exhortations of the Bible impart fervency to the new heart, mind and will.

(5.) Water furnishes fluidity to the body’s cells, blood and vital organs; likewise, its correspondency, prophecy, gives the necessary fluidity to our every intellectual, moral and religious power and quality.

(6.) Minerals, as the body builders, lay hold on the other six elements of food and build them up into the cells of the body. Like these, the histories of the Bible make available the other six elements of the Bible in building up the new heart, mind and will in their powers and qualities.

(7.) Vitamins are the body balancers and connectors; types have a similar function to the new heart, mind and will; for the types summarize, connect and balance for our mental, moral and religious powers and qualities the other six elements of the Bible.